Halcyon Hope

Odenseanske Halcyon Hope har 2 udgivelser i bagagen, og har erfaring i at levere et professionelt, inddragende liveshow. Ud over egne shows har vi bl.a. spillet opvarmning for amerikanske Bayside, catalanske Daylight samt indenlandsk for artister som Tim Christensen og Go Go Berlin. Halcyon Hope er en del af talentudviklingsprogrammet ”Mudmusic” som er for lokale ambitiøse up-coming bands på Fyn.

2013 was the formative year for the Danish four-piece, outfit Halcyon Hope.

Incorporating a vast experience from the underground alternative music scene in Denmark ranging from pop-punk to post-hardcore, Halcyon Hope settled somewhere in between with a modern rock sound yet still paying homage to the first wave of emotional punk rock before its commercialism. At the same time if you dig into the music you may find a unique northern quality iced into the entity that is Halcyon Hope – only to be found if given time to thaw it out by the listener.
Comprising what can be described as a labour of love, debut album/EP Northern Lights paints a narrative of life in a modern era. The album was released at midnight New Year’s Eve 2014. Already before this point the first single/video single from the album had garnered interest from several media.

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