Flush The Fashion

Formed in 2017 by guitarist Dennis Post who had been dying to record an album of music he had written over a long peri#”… well, a few weeks really.

Anyways, hours went by but through Facebook contact, Rune aka the scarlet speedster was in. 6 minutes and phonecall later (that included spirited conversation about Scorpions) so was Niels, and since the Postman had already played with Magnus for 10 years, he used telekinesis & Voila! Flush The Fashion!

Rawk band from Copenhagen with a soft spot for old school hard rock, heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, & a lot of guitar solos.. A LOT!

Hard at work in the studio getting this off the ground but album release and tour announcement this fall, coming up..
2 first songs released on Spotify on aug 14..
Stay tuned..

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